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PHP mysqli::$connect_errno

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(PHP 5, PHP 7)

mysqli::$connect_errno -- mysqli_connect_errnoReturns the error code from last connect call


Object oriented style

Procedural style

int mysqli_connect_errno ( void )

Returns the last error code number from the last call to mysqli_connect().


Client error message numbers are listed in the MySQL errmsg.h header file, server error message numbers are listed in mysqld_error.h. In the MySQL source distribution you can find a complete list of error messages and error numbers in the file Docs/mysqld_error.txt.

Return Values

An error code value for the last call to mysqli_connect(), if it failed. zero means no error occurred.


Example #1 $mysqli->connect_errno example

Object oriented style

= @new mysqli('localhost''fake_user''my_password''my_db');

if (
$mysqli->connect_errno) {
'Connect Error: ' $mysqli->connect_errno);

Procedural style

= @mysqli_connect('localhost''fake_user''my_password''my_db');

if (!
$link) {
'Connect Error: ' mysqli_connect_errno());

The above examples will output:

Connect Error: 1045

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