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PHP strpbrk

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(PHP 5, PHP 7)

strpbrkSearch a string for any of a set of characters


string strpbrk ( string $haystack , string $char_list )

strpbrk() searches the haystack string for a char_list.



The string where char_list is looked for.


This parameter is case sensitive.

Return Values

Returns a string starting from the character found, or FALSE if it is not found.


Example #1 strpbrk() example


'This is a Simple text.';

// this echoes "is is a Simple text." because 'i' is matched first
echo strpbrk($text'mi');

// this echoes "Simple text." because chars are case sensitive
echo strpbrk($text'S');

See Also

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  • strstr() - Find the first occurrence of a string
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