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PHP mysql_list_fields

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(PHP 4, PHP 5)

mysql_list_fieldsList MySQL table fields


This function was deprecated in PHP 5.4.0, and it and the entire original MySQL extension was removed in PHP 7.0.0. Instead, use either the actively developed MySQLi or PDO_MySQL extensions. See also the MySQL: choosing an API guide and its related FAQ entry for additional information. Alternatives to this function include:

  • SQL Query: SHOW COLUMNS FROM sometable


resource mysql_list_fields ( string $database_name , string $table_name [, resource $link_identifier = NULL ] )

Retrieves information about the given table name.

This function is deprecated. It is preferable to use mysql_query() to issue an SQL SHOW COLUMNS FROM table [LIKE 'name'] statement instead.



The name of the database that's being queried.


The name of the table that's being queried.


The MySQL connection. If the link identifier is not specified, the last link opened by mysql_connect() is assumed. If no such link is found, it will try to create one as if mysql_connect() had been called with no arguments. If no connection is found or established, an E_WARNING level error is generated.

Return Values

A result pointer resource on success, or FALSE on failure.

The returned result can be used with mysql_field_flags(), mysql_field_len(), mysql_field_name() and mysql_field_type().


Example #1 Alternate to deprecated mysql_list_fields()

mysql_query("SHOW COLUMNS FROM sometable");
if (!
$result) {
'Could not run query: ' mysql_error();
if (
mysql_num_rows($result) > 0) {
    while (
$row mysql_fetch_assoc($result)) {

The above example will output something similar to:

    [Field] => id
    [Type] => int(7)
    [Null] =>  
    [Key] => PRI
    [Default] =>
    [Extra] => auto_increment
    [Field] => email
    [Type] => varchar(100)
    [Null] =>
    [Key] =>
    [Default] =>
    [Extra] =>



For backward compatibility, the following deprecated alias may be used: mysql_listfields()

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