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PHP Yaf_Route_Interface::route

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(Yaf >=1.0.0)

Yaf_Route_Interface::routeRoute a request


abstract public bool Yaf_Route_Interface::route ( Yaf_Request_Abstract $request )

Yaf_Route_Interface::route() is the only method that a custom route should implement.


since of 2.3.0, there is another method should also be implemented, see Yaf_Route_Interface::assemble().

if this method return TRUE, then the route process will be end. otherwise, Yaf_Router will call next route in the route stack to route request.

This method would set the route result to the parameter request, by calling Yaf_Request_Abstract::setControllerName(), Yaf_Request_Abstract::setActionName() and Yaf_Request_Abstract::setModuleName().

This method should also call Yaf_Request_Abstract::setRouted() to make the request routed at last.



A Yaf_Request_Abstract instance.

Return Values