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PHP XMLReader::getAttributeNs

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(PHP 5 >= 5.1.0, PHP 7)

XMLReader::getAttributeNsGet the value of an attribute by localname and URI


public string XMLReader::getAttributeNs ( string $localName , string $namespaceURI )

Returns the value of an attribute by name and namespace URI or an empty string if attribute does not exist or not positioned on an element node.



The local name.


The namespace URI.

Return Values

The value of the attribute, or an empty string (before PHP 5.6) or NULL (from PHP 5.6 onwards) if no attribute with the given localName and namespaceURI is found or not positioned of element.


Version Description
5.6.0 XMLReader::getAttributeNS() now returns NULL if the attribute doesn't exist.

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