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GoLang replacement for PHP's expect:// [edit | history]

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PHP expect://

PHP original manual for expect:// [ show | php.net ]


expect://Process Interaction Streams


Streams opened via the expect:// wrapper provide access to process'es stdio, stdout and stderr via PTY.

Note: This wrapper is not enabled by default
In order to use the expect:// wrapper you must install the » Expect extension available from » PECL.

expect:// PHP 4.3.0 and up (PECL)


  • expect://command


Wrapper Summary
Attribute Supported
Restricted by allow_url_fopen No
Allows Reading Yes
Allows Writing Yes
Allows Appending Yes
Allows Simultaneous Reading and Writing No
Supports stat() No
Supports unlink() No
Supports rename() No
Supports mkdir() No
Supports rmdir() No