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PHP TokyoTyrantQuery::rewind

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(PECL tokyo_tyrant >= 0.1.0)

TokyoTyrantQuery::rewindRewinds the iterator


public bool TokyoTyrantQuery::rewind ( void )

Rewind the resultset and executes the query if it has not been executed. Part of the Iterator interface.


This function has no parameters.

Return Values

Returns TRUE


Example #1 TokyoTyrantQuery iterator example

/* Connect to a table database */
$tt = new TokyoTyrantTable("localhost"1979);

/* Add rows */
$tt->put(null, array("column1" => "some data""column2" => "something here"));
$tt->put(null, array("column1" => "more data""column2" => "best data this far"));
$tt->put(null, array("column1" => "again data""column3" => "foobar here"));
$tt->put(null, array("column45" => "random data""column2" => "something along the lines"));
$tt->put(null, array("column21" => "test data""column2" => "generating.."));
$tt->put(null, array("column1" => "foobar data""column2" => "value here"));

/* Get a new query object */
$query $tt->getQuery();

/* Add a search condition */

/* Iterate the results */
foreach ($query as $key => $value) {
"pk: $key, columns: "count($value) ,"\n";

The above example will output something similar to:

pk: 1, columns: 2
pk: 4, columns: 2

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