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PHP TokyoTyrantQuery::out

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(PECL tokyo_tyrant >= 0.1.0)

TokyoTyrantQuery::outRemoves records based on query


public TokyoTyrantQuery TokyoTyrantQuery::out ( void )

Removes all records that match the query. Works exactly like search but removes the records instead of returning them.


This function has no parameters.

Return Values

This method returns the current object and throws TokyoTyrantException on failure.


Example #1 TokyoTyrantQuery::out() example

/* Connect to a table database */
$tt = new TokyoTyrantTable("localhost"1979);

/* Add rows */
$tt->put(null, array("column1" => "some data""column2" => "something here"));
$tt->put(null, array("column1" => "more data""column2" => "best data this far"));
$tt->put(null, array("column1" => "again data""column3" => "foobar here"));
$tt->put(null, array("column45" => "random data""column2" => "something along the lines"));
$tt->put(null, array("column21" => "test data""column2" => "generating.."));
$tt->put(null, array("column1" => "foobar data""column2" => "value here"));

/* Get a new query object */
$query $tt->getQuery();

/* Add a search condition */

/* Remove matching records */

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