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PHP SphinxClient::setMatchMode

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(PECL sphinx >= 0.1.0)

SphinxClient::setMatchModeSet full-text query matching mode


public bool SphinxClient::setMatchMode ( int $mode )

Sets full-text query matching mode. mode is one of the constants listed below.

Match modes
Constant Description
SPH_MATCH_ALL Match all query words (default mode).
SPH_MATCH_ANY Match any of query words.
SPH_MATCH_PHRASE Match query as a phrase, requiring perfect match.
SPH_MATCH_BOOLEAN Match query as a boolean expression.
SPH_MATCH_EXTENDED Match query as an expression in Sphinx internal query language.
SPH_MATCH_FULLSCAN Enables fullscan.
SPH_MATCH_EXTENDED2 The same as SPH_MATCH_EXTENDED plus ranking and quorum searching support.



Matching mode.

Return Values

Returns TRUE on success or FALSE on failure.