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PHP SphinxClient::buildExcerpts

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(PECL sphinx >= 0.1.0)

SphinxClient::buildExcerptsBuild text snippets


public array SphinxClient::buildExcerpts ( array $docs , string $index , string $words [, array $opts ] )

Connects to searchd, requests it to generate excerpts (snippets) from the given documents, and returns the results.



Array of strings with documents' contents.


Index name.


Keywords to highlight.


Associative array of additional highlighting options (see below).

Highlighting options
Option Description
"before_match" A string to insert before a keyword match. Default is "<b>".
"after_match" A string to insert after a keyword match. Default is "</b>".
"chunk_separator" A string to insert between snippet chunks (passages). Default is " ... ".
"limit" Maximum snippet size, in symbols (codepoints). Integer, default is 256.
"around" How much words to pick around each matching keywords block. Integer, default is 5.
"exact_phrase" Whether to highlight exact query phrase matches only instead of individual keywords. Boolean, default is FALSE.
"single_passage" Whether to extract single best passage only. Boolean, default is FALSE.

Return Values

Returns array of snippets on success or FALSE on failure.