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PHP SolrClient::addDocuments

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(PECL solr >= 0.9.2)

SolrClient::addDocumentsAdds a collection of SolrInputDocument instances to the index


public void SolrClient::addDocuments ( array $docs [, bool $overwrite = TRUE [, int $commitWithin = 0 ]] )

Adds a collection of documents to the index.



An array containing the collection of SolrInputDocument instances. This array must be an actual variable.


Whether to overwrite existing documents or not. If FALSE there will be duplicates (several documents with the same ID).


PECL Solr < 2.0 $allowDups was used instead of $overwrite, which does the same functionality with exact opposite bool flag.

$allowDups = false is the same as $overwrite = true


Number of milliseconds within which to auto commit this document. Available since Solr 1.4 . Default (0) means disabled.

When this value specified, it leaves the control of when to do the commit to Solr itself, optimizing number of commits to a minimum while still fulfilling the update latency requirements, and Solr will automatically do a commit when the oldest add in the buffer is due.

Return Values

Returns a SolrUpdateResponse object or throws an exception on failure.


Throws SolrClientException if the client had failed, or there was a connection issue.

Throws SolrServerException if the Solr Server had failed to process the request.


Example #1 SolrClient::addDocuments() example


= array
'port'     => SOLR_SERVER_PORT,

$client = new SolrClient($options);

$doc = new SolrInputDocument();


$doc2 = clone $doc;


$docs = array($doc$doc2);

$updateResponse $client->addDocuments($docs);

// no changes will be written to disk unless $commitWithin is passed or SolrClient::commit is called



The above example will output something similar to:

SolrObject Object
    [responseHeader] => SolrObject Object
            [status] => 0
            [QTime] => 2


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