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PHP SDO_DAS_DataFactory::addPropertyToType

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SDO_DAS_DataFactory::addPropertyToType Adds a property to a type


void SDO_DAS_DataFactory::addPropertyToType ( string $parent_type_namespace_uri , string $parent_type_name , string $property_name , string $type_namespace_uri , string $type_name [, array $options ] )

This function is EXPERIMENTAL. The behaviour of this function, its name, and surrounding documentation may change without notice in a future release of PHP. This function should be used at your own risk.

Adds a property to a type. The type must already be known to the SDO_DAS_DataFactory (i.e. have been added using addType()). The property becomes a property of the type. This is how the graph model for the structure of an SDO_DataObject is built.



The namespace URI for the parent type.


The type name for the parent type.


The name by which the property will be known in the parent type.


The namespace URI for the type of the property.


The type name for the type of the property


This array holds one or more key=>value pairs to set attribute values for the property. The optional keywords are:


A flag to say whether the property is many-valued. A value of 'true' adds the property as a many-valued property (default is 'false').


A flag to say whether the property is read-only. A value of 'true' means the property value cannot be modified through the SDO application APIs (default is 'false').


A flag to say whether the property is contained by the parent. A value of 'true' means the property is contained by the parent. A value of 'false' results in a non-containment reference (default is 'true'). This flag is only interpreted when adding properties which are data object types, otherwise it is ignored.


A default value for the property. Omitting this key means that the property does not have a default value. A property can only have a default value if it is a single-valued data type (primitive).

Return Values



Version Description
0.5.2 Optional parameters many, readOnly, and containment deprecated in favour of the options array.


Example #1 A SDO_DAS_DataFactory::addPropertyToType() example

The following adds an 'addressline' property to a Person type. The person type is identified by its namespace, 'PersonNS', and type name, 'PersonType'. The type of the 'addressline' property is a many-valued SDO data type (primitive) with namespace 'commonj.sdo' and type name 'String'.

'addressline''commonj.sdo''String', array('many'=>true));