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PHP RecursiveRegexIterator::getChildren

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(PHP 5 >= 5.2.0, PHP 7)

RecursiveRegexIterator::getChildrenReturns an iterator for the current entry


public RecursiveRegexIterator RecursiveRegexIterator::getChildren ( void )

Returns an iterator for the current iterator entry.


This function has no parameters.

Return Values

An iterator for the current entry, if it can be iterated over by the inner iterator.


An InvalidArgumentException will be thrown if the current entry does not contain a value that can be iterated over by the inner iterator.


Example #1 RecursiveRegexIterator::getChildren() example

= new RecursiveArrayIterator(array('test1', array('tet3''test4''test5')));
$rRegexIterator = new RecursiveRegexIterator($rArrayIterator'/^test/',

foreach (
$rRegexIterator as $key1 => $value1) {

    if (
$rRegexIterator->hasChildren()) {

// print all children
echo "Children: ";
        foreach (
$rRegexIterator->getChildren() as $key => $value) {
$value " ";
    } else {
"No children\n";


The above example will output:

No children
Children: test4 test5

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