GoLang QuickHashIntSet::saveToString

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PHP QuickHashIntSet::saveToString

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(PECL quickhash >= Unknown)

QuickHashIntSet::saveToStringThis method returns a serialized version of the set


public string QuickHashIntSet::saveToString ( void )

This method returns a serialized version of the set in the same format that loadFromString() can read.

Return Values

This method returns a string containing a serialized format of the set. Each element is stored as a four byte value in the Endianness that the current system uses.


Example #1 QuickHashIntSet::saveToString() example

= new QuickHashIntSet1024 );
var_dump$set->exists) );
var_dump$set->add) );
var_dump$set->exists) );
var_dump$set->add) );

var_dump$set->saveToString() );