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PHP Pool::collect

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(PECL pthreads >= 2.0.0)

Pool::collectCollect references to completed tasks


public int Pool::collect ([ Callable $collector ] )

Allows the pool to collect references determined to be garbage by the optionally given collector.



A Callable collector that returns a boolean on whether the task can be collected or not. Only in rare cases should a custom collector need to be used.

Return Values

The number of remaining tasks in the pool to be collected.


Version Description
v3 An integer is now returned, and the collector parameter is now optional.


Example #1 A basic example of Pool::collect()

= new Pool(4);

for (
$i 0$i 15; ++$i) {
$pool->submit(new class extends Threaded {});

while (
$pool->collect()); // blocks until all tasks have finished executing