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PHP PharData::compress

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(PHP 5 >= 5.3.0, PHP 7, PECL phar >= 2.0.0)

PharData::compressCompresses the entire tar/zip archive using Gzip or Bzip2 compression


object PharData::compress ( int $compression [, string $extension ] )

For tar archives, this method compresses the entire archive using gzip compression or bzip2 compression. The resulting file can be processed with the gunzip command/bunzip command, or accessed directly and transparently with the Phar extension.

For zip archives, this method fails with an exception. The zlib extension must be enabled to compress with gzip compression, the bzip2 extension must be enabled in order to compress with bzip2 compression.

In addition, this method automatically renames the archive, appending .gz, .bz2 or removing the extension if passed Phar::NONE to remove compression. Alternatively, a file extension may be specified with the second parameter.



Compression must be one of Phar::GZ, Phar::BZ2 to add compression, or Phar::NONE to remove compression.


By default, the extension is .tar.gz or .tar.bz2 for compressing a tar, and .tar for decompressing.

Return Values

A PharData object is returned.


Throws BadMethodCallException if the zlib extension is not available, or the bzip2 extension is not enabled.


Example #1 A PharData::compress() example

= new PharData('/path/to/my.tar');
$p['myfile.txt'] = 'hi';
$p['myfile2.txt'] = 'hi';
$p1 $p->compress(Phar::GZ); // copies to /path/to/my.tar.gz
$p2 $p->compress(Phar::BZ2); // copies to /path/to/my.tar.bz2
$p3 $p2->compress(Phar::NONE); // exception: /path/to/my.tar already exists

See Also

  • Phar::compress() - Compresses the entire Phar archive using Gzip or Bzip2 compression