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PHP Phar::isValidPharFilename

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(PHP 5 >= 5.3.0, PHP 7, PECL phar >= 1.2.0)

Phar::isValidPharFilenameReturns whether the given filename is a valid phar filename


final public static bool Phar::isValidPharFilename ( string $filename [, bool $executable = TRUE ] )

Returns whether the given filename is a valid phar filename that will be recognized as a phar archive by the phar extension. This can be used to test a name without having to instantiate a phar archive and catch the inevitable Exception that will be thrown if an invalid name is specified.



The name or full path to a phar archive not yet created


This parameter determines whether the filename should be treated as a phar executable archive, or a data non-executable archive

Return Values

Returns TRUE if the filename is valid, FALSE if not.