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PHP MysqlndUhConnection::init

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(PECL mysqlnd-uh >= 1.0.0-alpha)

MysqlndUhConnection::initInitialize mysqlnd connection


public bool MysqlndUhConnection::init ( mysqlnd_connection $connection )

Initialize mysqlnd connection. This is an mysqlnd internal call to initialize the connection object.


Failing to call the parent implementation may cause memory leaks or crash PHP. This is not considered a bug. Please, keep in mind that the mysqlnd library functions have never been designed to be exposed to the user space.



Mysqlnd connection handle. Do not modify!

Return Values

Returns TRUE on success. Otherwise, returns FALSE


Example #1 MysqlndUhConnection::init() example

class proxy extends MysqlndUhConnection {
 public function 
init($res) {
printf("%s(%s)\n"__METHOD__var_export(func_get_args(), true));
$ret parent::init($res);
printf("%s returns %s\n"__METHOD__var_export($rettrue));
mysqlnd_uh_set_connection_proxy(new proxy());

$mysqli = new mysqli("localhost""root""""test");

The above example will output:

proxy::init(array (
  0 => NULL,
proxy::init returns true

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