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PHP MongoWriteBatch::__construct

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(PECL mongo >= 1.5.0)

MongoWriteBatch::__constructCreates a new batch of write operations


protected MongoWriteBatch::__construct ( MongoCollection $collection [, string $batch_type [, array $write_options ]] )

Constructs a new MongoWriteBatch.


This is a protected constructor. Please use one of the classes inheriting MongoWriteBatch.



The MongoCollection to execute the batch on. Its write concern will be copied and used as the default write concern if none is given as $write_options or during MongoWriteBatch::execute().


One of:

  • 0 - make an MongoWriteBatch::COMMAND_INSERT batch
  • 1 - make an MongoWriteBatch::COMMAND_UPDATE batch
  • 2 - make a MongoWriteBatch::COMMAND_DELETE batch


An array of Write Options.

keyvalue meaning
w (int|string)Write concern value
wtimeout (int)Maximum time to wait for replication
orderedDetermines if MongoDB must apply this batch in order. Ordered writes execute serially (i.e. one at a time) and execution will stop after the first error. Unordered writes may execute in parallel and execution will not stop after the first error. Defaults to TRUE
j (bool)Wait for journaling on the primary. This value is discouraged, use WriteConcern instead
fsync (bool)Wait for fsync on the primary. This value is discouraged, use WriteConcern instead

Return Values

A new MongoWriteBatch of type batch_type.