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PHP MongoGridFS::delete

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(PECL mongo >=1.0.8)

MongoGridFS::deleteRemove a file and its chunks from the database


public bool|array MongoGridFS::delete ( mixed $id )


MongoGridFS::delete() is a convenience method for calling MongoGridFS::remove() with specific criteria and default options parameters.



_id of the file to remove.

Return Values

Returns an array containing the status of the removal (with respect to the files collection) if a write concern is applied. Otherwise, returns TRUE.

Fields in the status array are described in the documentation for MongoCollection::insert().


Throws MongoCursorException if the "w" option is set and the write fails.

Throws MongoCursorTimeoutException if the "w" option is set to a value greater than one and the operation takes longer than MongoCursor::$timeout milliseconds to complete. This does not kill the operation on the server, it is a client-side timeout. The operation in MongoCollection::$wtimeout is milliseconds.