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PHP MongoClient::setReadPreference

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(PECL mongo >=1.3.0)

MongoClient::setReadPreferenceSet the read preference for this connection

This extension that defines this method is deprecated. Instead, the MongoDB extension should be used. There is no equivalent for this method in the new extension.


public bool MongoClient::setReadPreference ( string $read_preference [, array $tags ] )



The read preference mode: MongoClient::RP_PRIMARY, MongoClient::RP_PRIMARY_PREFERRED, MongoClient::RP_SECONDARY, MongoClient::RP_SECONDARY_PREFERRED, or MongoClient::RP_NEAREST.


An array of zero or more tag sets, where each tag set is itself an array of criteria used to match tags on replica set members.

Return Values

Returns TRUE on success, or FALSE otherwise.


Emits E_WARNING if either parameter is invalid, or if one or more tag sets are provided with the MongoClient::RP_PRIMARY read preference mode.


Example #1 MongoClient::setReadPreference() tag set array syntax example


= new MongoClient();

// Prefer the nearest server in the "east" data center also used for reporting,
// but fall back to a server in the "west" data center
$m->setReadPreference(MongoClient::RP_NEAREST, array(
'dc' => 'east''use' => 'reporting'),
'dc' => 'west'),

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