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PHP Memcached::getByKey

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(PECL memcached >= 0.1.0)

Memcached::getByKeyRetrieve an item from a specific server


public mixed Memcached::getByKey ( string $server_key , string $key [, callable $cache_cb [, int $flags ]] )

Memcached::getByKey() is functionally equivalent to Memcached::get(), except that the free-form server_key can be used to map the key to a specific server.



The key identifying the server to store the value on or retrieve it from. Instead of hashing on the actual key for the item, we hash on the server key when deciding which memcached server to talk to. This allows related items to be grouped together on a single server for efficiency with multi operations.


The key of the item to fetch.


Read-through caching callback or NULL


Flags to control the returned result. When value of Memcached::GET_EXTENDED is given will return the CAS token.

Return Values

Returns the value stored in the cache or FALSE otherwise. The Memcached::getResultCode() will return Memcached::RES_NOTFOUND if the key does not exist.


Version Description
3.0.0 The &cas_token parameter was removed. Instead flags was added and when it is given the value of Memcached::GET_EXTENDED it will ensure the CAS token to be fetched.

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