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PHP Memcached::deleteMulti

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(PECL memcached >= 2.0.0)

Memcached::deleteMultiDelete multiple items


public array Memcached::deleteMulti ( array $keys [, int $time = 0 ] )

Memcached::deleteMulti() deletes the array of keys from the server. The time parameter is the amount of time in seconds (or Unix time until which) the client wishes the server to refuse add and replace commands for these keys. For this amount of time, the item is put into a delete queue, which means that it won't be possible to retrieve it by the get command, but add and replace command with these keys will also fail (the set command will succeed, however). After the time passes, the item is finally deleted from server memory. The parameter time defaults to 0 (which means that the item will be deleted immediately and further storage commands with these keys will succeed).



The keys to be deleted.


The amount of time the server will wait to delete the items.

Return Values

Returns array indexed by keys and where values are indicating whether operation succeeded or not. The Memcached::getResultCode() will return Memcached::RES_NOTFOUND if the key does not exist.

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