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PHP Memcache::connect

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(PECL memcache >= 0.2.0)

Memcache::connectOpen memcached server connection


bool Memcache::connect ( string $host [, int $port [, int $timeout ]] )

Memcache::connect() establishes a connection to the memcached server. The connection, which was opened using Memcache::connect() will be automatically closed at the end of script execution. Also you can close it with Memcache::close(). Also you can use memcache_connect() function.



Point to the host where memcached is listening for connections. This parameter may also specify other transports like unix:///path/to/memcached.sock to use UNIX domain sockets, in this case port must also be set to 0.


Point to the port where memcached is listening for connections. Set this parameter to 0 when using UNIX domain sockets.

Please note: port defaults to memcache.default_port if not specified. For this reason it is wise to specify the port explicitly in this method call.


Value in seconds which will be used for connecting to the daemon. Think twice before changing the default value of 1 second - you can lose all the advantages of caching if your connection is too slow.



When the port is unspecified, this method defaults to the value set of the PHP ini directive memcache.default_port If this value was changed elsewhere in your application it might lead to unexpected results: for this reason it is wise to always specify the port explicitly in this method call.

Return Values

Returns TRUE on success or FALSE on failure.


Example #1 Memcache::connect() example


/* procedural API */

$memcache_obj memcache_connect('memcache_host'11211);

/* OO API */

$memcache = new Memcache;


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