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(PHP 7)

IntlChar::getPropertyValueNameGet the Unicode name for a property value


public static string IntlChar::getPropertyValueName ( int $property , int $value [, int $nameChoice = IntlChar::LONG_PROPERTY_NAME ] )

Returns the Unicode name for a given property value, as given in the Unicode database file PropertyValueAliases.txt.


Some of the names in PropertyValueAliases.txt can only be retrieved using IntlChar::PROPERTY_GENERAL_CATEGORY_MASK, not IntlChar::PROPERTY_GENERAL_CATEGORY. These include:

  • "C" / "Other"
  • "L" / "Letter"
  • "LC" / "Cased_Letter"
  • "M" / "Mark"
  • "N" / "Number"
  • "P" / "Punctuation"
  • "S" / "Symbol"
  • "Z" / "Separator"



The Unicode property to lookup (see the IntlChar::PROPERTY_* constants).

If out of range, or this method doesn't work with the given value, FALSE is returned.


Selector for a value for the given property. If out of range, FALSE is returned.

In general, valid values range from 0 up to some maximum. There are a couple exceptions:

  • IntlChar::PROPERTY_BLOCK values begin at the non-zero value IntlChar::BLOCK_CODE_BASIC_LATIN
  • IntlChar::PROPERTY_CANONICAL_COMBINING_CLASS values are not contiguous and range from 0..240.


Selector for which name to get. If out of range, FALSE is returned.

All values have a long name. Most have a short name, but some do not. Unicode allows for additional names; if present these will be returned by adding 1, 2, etc. to IntlChar::LONG_PROPERTY_NAME.

Return Values

Returns the name, or FALSE if either the property or the nameChoice is out of range.

If a given nameChoice returns FALSE, then all larger values of nameChoice will return FALSE, with one exception: if FALSE is returned for IntlChar::SHORT_PROPERTY_NAME, then IntlChar::LONG_PROPERTY_NAME (and higher) may still return a non-FALSE value.


Example #1 Testing different properties

var_dump(IntlChar::getPropertyValueName(IntlChar::PROPERTY_BLOCKIntlChar::BLOCK_CODE_GREEKIntlChar::LONG_PROPERTY_NAME 1));

The above example will output:

string(16) "Greek_And_Coptic"
string(5) "Greek"
string(16) "Greek_And_Coptic"