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PHP IntlChar::chr

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(PHP 7)

IntlChar::chrReturn Unicode character by code point value


public static string IntlChar::chr ( mixed $codepoint )

Returns a string containing the character specified by the Unicode code point value.

This function compliments IntlChar::ord().



The integer codepoint value (e.g. 0x2603 for U+2603 SNOWMAN), or the character encoded as a UTF-8 string (e.g. "\u{2603}")

Return Values

A string containing the single character specified by the Unicode code point value.


Example #1 Testing different code points

= ["A"631239731];
foreach (
$values as $value) {

The above example will output:

string(1) "A"
string(1) "?"
string(1) "{"
string(3) "☃"

See Also

  • IntlChar::ord() - Return Unicode code point value of character
  • chr() - Return a specific character