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PHP IntlChar::charMirror

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(PHP 7)

IntlChar::charMirrorGet the "mirror-image" character for a code point


public static mixed IntlChar::charMirror ( mixed $codepoint )

Maps the specified character to a "mirror-image" character.

For characters with the Bidi_Mirrored property, implementations sometimes need a "poor man's" mapping to another Unicode character (code point) such that the default glyph may serve as the mirror-image of the default glyph of the specified character. This is useful for text conversion to and from codepages with visual order, and for displays without glyph selection capabilities.



The integer codepoint value (e.g. 0x2603 for U+2603 SNOWMAN), or the character encoded as a UTF-8 string (e.g. "\u{2603}")

Return Values

Returns another Unicode code point that may serve as a mirror-image substitute, or codepoint itself if there is no such mapping or codepoint does not have the Bidi_Mirrored property.

The return type will be integer unless the code point was passed as a UTF-8 string, in which case a string will be returned.


Example #1 Testing different code points


The above example will output:

string(1) "A"
string(1) ">"
string(2) ")"

See Also

  • IntlChar::isMirrored() - Check if code point has the Bidi_Mirrored property