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PHP Imagick::clone

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(PECL imagick 2.0.0)

Imagick::cloneMakes an exact copy of the Imagick object


Imagick Imagick::clone ( void )

Makes an exact copy of the Imagick object.


This function has been DEPRECATED as of imagick 3.1.0 in favour of using the clone keyword.


Example #1 Imagick object cloning in different versions of imagick

// Cloning an Imagick object in imagick 2.x and 3.0:
$newImage $image->clone();

// Cloning an Imagick object from 3.1.0 on:
$newImage = clone $image;

Return Values

A copy of the Imagick object is returned.


Version Description
3.1.0 The method was deprecated in favour of the clone keyword.