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PHP hw_api::remove

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(PHP 4, PHP 5 < 5.2.0, PECL hwapi SVN)

hw_api::removeDelete an object


bool hw_api::remove ( array $parameter )

Removes an object from the specified parent. Collections will be removed recursively.



You can pass an optional object query to remove only those objects which match the query. An object will be deleted physically if it is the last instance.

The parameter array contains the required elements 'objectidentifier' and 'parentidentifier'. If you want to remove a user or group 'parentidentifier' can be skipped.

The optional parameter 'mode' determines how the deletion is performed. In normal mode the object will not be removed physically until all instances are removed. In physical mode all instances of the object will be deleted immediately. In removelinks mode all references to and from the objects will be deleted as well. In nonrecursive the deletion is not performed recursive. Removing a collection which is not empty will cause an error.

Return Values

Returns TRUE on success or FALSE on failure.

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