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PHP hw_api::content

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(PHP 4, PHP 5 < 5.2.0, PECL hwapi SVN)

hw_api::contentReturns content of an object


HW_API_Content hw_api::content ( array $parameter )

This function returns the content of a document as an object of type hw_api_content.



The parameter array contains the required elements 'objectidentifier' and the optional element 'mode'. The mode can be one of the constants HW_API_CONTENT_ALLLINKS, HW_API_CONTENT_REACHABLELINKS or HW_API_CONTENT_PLAIN.

HW_API_CONTENT_ALLLINKS means to insert all anchors even if the destination is not reachable.

HW_API_CONTENT_REACHABLELINKS tells this method to insert only reachable links and HW_API_CONTENT_PLAIN will lead to document without any links.

Return Values

Returns an instance of hw_api_content.