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PHP HaruDoc::setPageMode

PHP original manual for HaruDoc::setPageMode [ show | php.net ]


(PECL haru >= 0.0.1)

HaruDoc::setPageModeSet how the document should be displayed


bool HaruDoc::setPageMode ( int $mode )

Defines how the document should be displayed.



The following values are accepted:

  • HaruDoc::PAGE_MODE_USE_NONE - display the document with neither outline nor thumbnail.
  • HaruDoc::PAGE_MODE_USE_OUTLINE - display the document with outline pane.
  • HaruDoc::PAGE_MODE_USE_THUMBS - display the document with thumbnail pane.
  • HaruDoc::PAGE_MODE_FULL_SCREEN - display the document with full screen mode.

Return Values

Returns TRUE on success.


Throws a HaruException on error.

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