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PHP udm_get_res_param

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(PHP 4 >= 4.0.5, PHP 5 < 5.1.0, PECL mnogosearch >= 1.0.0)

udm_get_res_paramGet mnoGoSearch result parameters


string udm_get_res_param ( resource $res , int $param )

Gets the mnoGoSearch result parameters.



res - a link to result identifier, received after call to udm_find().


param - parameter identifier, may have the following values:

  • UDM_PARAM_NUM_ROWS - number of received found links on the current page. It is equal to UDM_PARAM_PAGE_SIZE for all search pages, on the last page - the rest of links.
  • UDM_PARAM_FOUND - total number of results matching the query.
  • UDM_PARAM_WORDINFO - information on the words found. E.g. search for "a good book" will return "a: stopword, good:5637, book: 120"
  • UDM_PARAM_SEARCHTIME - search time in seconds.
  • UDM_PARAM_FIRST_DOC - the number of the first document displayed on current page.
  • UDM_PARAM_LAST_DOC - the number of the last document displayed on current page.

Return Values

udm_get_res_param() returns result parameter value on success, FALSE on error.