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PHP sqlsrv_begin_transaction

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sqlsrv_begin_transactionBegins a database transaction


bool sqlsrv_begin_transaction ( resource $conn )

The transaction begun by sqlsrv_begin_transaction() includes all statements that were executed after the call to sqlsrv_begin_transaction() and before calls to sqlsrv_rollback() or sqlsrv_commit(). Explicit transactions should be started and committed or rolled back using these functions instead of executing SQL statements that begin and committ/roll back transactions. For more information, see » SQLSRV Transactions.



The connection resource returned by a call to sqlsrv_connect().

Return Values

Returns TRUE on success or FALSE on failure.


Example #1 sqlsrv_begin_transaction() example

The following example demonstrates how to use sqlsrv_begin_transaction() together with sqlsrv_commit() and sqlsrv_rollback().

$connectionInfo = array( "Database"=>"dbName""UID"=>"userName""PWD"=>"password");
$conn sqlsrv_connect$serverName$connectionInfo);
$conn === false ) {
print_rsqlsrv_errors(), true ));

/* Begin the transaction. */
if ( sqlsrv_begin_transaction$conn ) === false ) {
print_rsqlsrv_errors(), true ));

/* Initialize parameter values. */
$orderId 1$qty 10$productId 100;

/* Set up and execute the first query. */
$sql1 "INSERT INTO OrdersTable (ID, Quantity, ProductID)
          VALUES (?, ?, ?)"
$params1 = array( $orderId$qty$productId );
$stmt1 sqlsrv_query$conn$sql1$params1 );

/* Set up and execute the second query. */
$sql2 "UPDATE InventoryTable 
          SET Quantity = (Quantity - ?) 
          WHERE ProductID = ?"
$params2 = array($qty$productId);
$stmt2 sqlsrv_query$conn$sql2$params2 );

/* If both queries were successful, commit the transaction. */
/* Otherwise, rollback the transaction. */
if( $stmt1 && $stmt2 ) {
sqlsrv_commit$conn );
"Transaction committed.<br />";
} else {
sqlsrv_rollback$conn );
"Transaction rolled back.<br />";

The above example will output something similar to:

See Also

  • sqlsrv_commit() - Commits a transaction that was begun with sqlsrv_begin_transaction
  • sqlsrv_rollback() - Rolls back a transaction that was begun with sqlsrv_begin_transaction