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PHP sqlite_factory

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(PHP 5 < 5.4.0)

sqlite_factoryOpens an SQLite database and returns an SQLiteDatabase object


SQLiteDatabase sqlite_factory ( string $filename [, int $mode = 0666 [, string &$error_message ]] )

sqlite_factory() behaves similarly to sqlite_open() in that it opens an SQLite database or attempts to create it if it does not exist. However, a SQLiteDatabase object is returned rather than a resource. Please see the sqlite_open() reference page for further usage and caveats.



The filename of the SQLite database.


The mode of the file. Intended to be used to open the database in read-only mode. Presently, this parameter is ignored by the sqlite library. The default value for mode is the octal value 0666 and this is the recommended value.


Passed by reference and is set to hold a descriptive error message explaining why the database could not be opened if there was an error.

Return Values

Returns an SQLiteDatabase object on success, NULL on error.


Example #1 sqlite_factory() example

$dbhandle->query('SELECT user_id, username FROM users');

/* functionally equivalent to: */

$dbhandle = new SQLiteDatabase('sqlitedb');
$dbhandle->query('SELECT user_id, username FROM users');


See Also

  • sqlite_open() - Opens an SQLite database and create the database if it does not exist
  • sqlite_popen() - Opens a persistent handle to an SQLite database and create the database if it does not exist