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PHP px_put_record

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(PECL paradox >= 1.0.0)

px_put_recordStores record into paradox database


bool px_put_record ( resource $pxdoc , array $record [, int $recpos = -1 ] )

Stores a record into a paradox database. The record is always added at the end of the database, regardless of any free slots. Use px_insert_record() to add a new record into the first free slot found in the database.



Resource identifier of the paradox database as returned by px_new().


Associated or indexed array containing the field values as e.g. returned by px_retrieve_record().


This optional parameter may be used to specify a record number greater than the current number of records in the database. The function will add as many empty records as needed. There is hardly any need for this parameter.

Return Values

Returns TRUE on success or FALSE on failure.