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PHP px_get_parameter

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(PECL paradox >= 1.1.0)

px_get_parameterGets a parameter


string px_get_parameter ( resource $pxdoc , string $name )

Gets various parameters.



Resource identifier of the paradox database as returned by px_new().


The name can be one of the following:


The name of the table as it will be stored in the database header.


The encoding for the output. Data which is being read from character fields with px_get_record() or px_retrieve_record() is recoded into the targetencoding. If it is not set, then the data will be delivered as stored in the database file.


The encoding of the input data which is to be stored into the database. When storing data of character fields in the database, the data is expected to be delivered in this encoding.

Return Values

Returns the value of the parameter or FALSE on failure.