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PHP odbc_fetch_row

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(PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7)

odbc_fetch_rowFetch a row


bool odbc_fetch_row ( resource $result_id [, int $row_number = 1 ] )

Fetches a row of the data that was returned by odbc_do() or odbc_exec(). After odbc_fetch_row() is called, the fields of that row can be accessed with odbc_result().



The result identifier.


If row_number is not specified, odbc_fetch_row() will try to fetch the next row in the result set. Calls to odbc_fetch_row() with and without row_number can be mixed.

To step through the result more than once, you can call odbc_fetch_row() with row_number 1, and then continue doing odbc_fetch_row() without row_number to review the result. If a driver doesn't support fetching rows by number, the row_number parameter is ignored.

Return Values

Returns TRUE if there was a row, FALSE otherwise.