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PHP log_cmd_insert

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(PECL mongo >= 1.5.0)

log_cmd_insertCallback When Inserting Documents


log_cmd_insert ( array $server , array $document , array $writeOptions , array $protocolOptions )

A callable function, used by the log_cmd_insert context option, when inserting a document


This is not a real function, only a prototype of how the function should be.



An array containing the basic information about the server that was picked.

key value
hash server hash, example: localhost:27017;-;X;56052
type Node type (primary/secondary/mongos/arbiter): 2
max_bson_size The maximum BSON Size over the wire this node accepts: 16777216
max_message_size The maximum Message Size over the wire this node accepts: 48000000
request_id The request identifier for this message: 42


The document that has been prepared to be inserted


key value
ordered boolean, if the operation (in case of batch operation) must be executed sequentually (ordered=true)
writeConcern An array of writeConcern options (see below)
writeConcern array values
key value
fsync boolean, force flushing to disk before returning
j boolean, force journal write before returning
wtimeout integer, milliseconds, maximum time the primary is allowed to wait to verify replication
w integer=server count, or string=replication-tag


key value
message_length The total size (in bytes) of the encoded message being sent over the wire
request_id The request identifier for this message: 42
namespace The MongoDB namespace used for the protocol message dbname.collectionname


Version Description
1.5.0 Only available when connected to MongoDB 2.6.0+