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PHP is_writable

PHP original manual for is_writable [ show | php.net ]


(PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7)

is_writableTells whether the filename is writable


bool is_writable ( string $filename )

Returns TRUE if the filename exists and is writable. The filename argument may be a directory name allowing you to check if a directory is writable.

Keep in mind that PHP may be accessing the file as the user id that the web server runs as (often 'nobody'). Safe mode limitations are not taken into account.



The filename being checked.

Return Values

Returns TRUE if the filename exists and is writable.


Example #1 is_writable() example

if (
is_writable($filename)) {
'The file is writable';
} else {
'The file is not writable';


Upon failure, an E_WARNING is emitted.


Note: The results of this function are cached. See clearstatcache() for more details.


As of PHP 5.0.0, this function can also be used with some URL wrappers. Refer to Supported Protocols and Wrappers to determine which wrappers support stat() family of functionality.

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