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PHP inotify_read

PHP original manual for inotify_read [ show | php.net ]


(PECL inotify >= 0.1.2)

inotify_readRead events from an inotify instance


array inotify_read ( resource $inotify_instance )

Read inotify events from an inotify instance.



Resource returned by inotify_init()

Return Values

An array of inotify events or FALSE if no events was pending and inotify_instance is non-blocking. Each event is an array with the following keys:

  • wd is a watch descriptor returned by inotify_add_watch()
  • mask is a bit mask of events
  • cookie is a unique id to connect related events (e.g. IN_MOVE_FROM and IN_MOVE_TO)
  • name is the name of a file (e.g. if a file was modified in a watched directory)

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