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PHP inflate_add

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(PHP 7)

inflate_addIncrementally inflate encoded data


string inflate_add ( resource $context , string $encoded_data [, int $flush_mode = ZLIB_SYNC_FLUSH ] )

Incrementally inflates encoded data in the specified context.

Limitation: header information from GZIP compressed data are not made available.



A context created with inflate_init().


A chunk of compressed data.


One of ZLIB_BLOCK, ZLIB_NO_FLUSH, ZLIB_PARTIAL_FLUSH, ZLIB_SYNC_FLUSH (default), ZLIB_FULL_FLUSH, ZLIB_FINISH. Normally you will want to set ZLIB_NO_FLUSH to maximize compression, and ZLIB_FINISH to terminate with the last chunk of data. See the » zlib manual for a detailed description of these constants.

Return Values

Returns a chunk of uncompressed data, or FALSE on failure.


If invalid parameters are given, inflating the data requires a preset dictionary, but none is specified, the compressed stream is corrupt or has an invalid checksum, an error of level E_WARNING is generated.

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