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PHP imap_fetchheader

PHP original manual for imap_fetchheader [ show | php.net ]


(PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7)

imap_fetchheaderReturns header for a message


string imap_fetchheader ( resource $imap_stream , int $msg_number [, int $options = 0 ] )

This function causes a fetch of the complete, unfiltered » RFC2822 format header of the specified message.



An IMAP stream returned by imap_open().


The message number


The possible options are:

  • FT_UID - The msgno argument is a UID
  • FT_INTERNAL - The return string is in "internal" format, without any attempt to canonicalize to CRLF newlines
  • FT_PREFETCHTEXT - The RFC822.TEXT should be pre-fetched at the same time. This avoids an extra RTT on an IMAP connection if a full message text is desired (e.g. in a "save to local file" operation)

Return Values

Returns the header of the specified message as a text string.

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