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PHP ifx_fieldproperties

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(PHP 4, PHP 5 < 5.2.1)

ifx_fieldpropertiesList of SQL fieldproperties


array ifx_fieldproperties ( resource $result_id )

Returns the Informix SQL fieldproperties of every field in the query as an associative array. Properties are encoded as: "SQLTYPE;length;precision;scale;ISNULLABLE" where SQLTYPE = the Informix type like "SQLVCHAR" etc. and ISNULLABLE = "Y" or "N".



result_id is a valid resultid returned by ifx_query() or ifx_prepare() (select type queries only!).

Return Values

Returns an associative array with fieldnames as key and the SQL fieldproperties as data for a query with result_id. Returns FALSE on errors.


Example #1 Informix SQL fieldproperties

if (!isset(
$properties)) {
/* ... error ... */
foreach (
$properties as $fname => $val) {
"$fname:\t property = $val\n";

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