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PHP ftell

PHP original manual for ftell [ show | php.net ]


(PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7)

ftellReturns the current position of the file read/write pointer


int ftell ( resource $handle )

Returns the position of the file pointer referenced by handle.



The file pointer must be valid, and must point to a file successfully opened by fopen() or popen(). ftell() gives undefined results for append-only streams (opened with "a" flag).

Return Values

Returns the position of the file pointer referenced by handle as an integer; i.e., its offset into the file stream.

If an error occurs, returns FALSE.

Note: Because PHP's integer type is signed and many platforms use 32bit integers, some filesystem functions may return unexpected results for files which are larger than 2GB.


Example #1 ftell() example


// opens a file and read some data
$fp fopen("/etc/passwd""r");
$data fgets($fp12);

// where are we ?
echo ftell($fp); // 11



See Also

  • fopen() - Opens file or URL
  • popen() - Opens process file pointer
  • fseek() - Seeks on a file pointer
  • rewind() - Rewind the position of a file pointer