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PHP eio_init

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(PECL eio = 1.0.0)

eio_init(Re-)initialize Eio


void eio_init ( void )

eio_init() (re-)initializes Eio. It allocates memory for internal structures of libeio and Eio itself. You may call eio_init() before using Eio functions. Otherwise it will be called internally first time you invoke an Eio function in a process.


This deprecated feature will certainly be removed in the future. Since Eio 1.1.0 eio_init() is deprecated. In Eio 1.0.0 because of » libeio's restrictions you must call eio_init() in child process, if you fork one by any means. You have to avoid using Eio in parent process, if you use it in childs.


This function has no parameters.

Return Values

No value is returned.