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PHP dbase_get_record

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(PHP 5 < 5.3.0, dbase 5, dbase 7)

dbase_get_record Gets a record from a database as an indexed array


array dbase_get_record ( resource $dbase_identifier , int $record_number )

Gets a record from a database as an indexed array.



The database link identifier, returned by dbase_open() or dbase_create().


The index of the record between 1 and dbase_numrecords($dbase_identifier).

Return Values

An indexed array with the record. This array will also include an associative key named deleted which is set to 1 if the record has been marked for deletion (see dbase_delete_record()).

Each field is converted to the appropriate PHP type, except:

  • Dates are left as strings.
  • DateTime values are converted to strings.
  • Integers outside the range PHP_INT_MIN..PHP_INT_MAX are returned as strings.
  • Before dbase 7.0.0, booleans (L) were converted to 1 or 0.

On error, dbase_get_record() will return FALSE.


Version Description
dbase 7.0.0 dbase_identifier is now a resource instead of an int.

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