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PHP db2_stmt_error

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(PECL ibm_db2 >= 1.0.0)

db2_stmt_error Returns a string containing the SQLSTATE returned by an SQL statement


string db2_stmt_error ([ resource $stmt ] )

Returns a string containing the SQLSTATE value returned by an SQL statement.

If you do not pass a statement resource as an argument to db2_stmt_error(), the driver returns the SQLSTATE value associated with the last attempt to return a statement resource, for example, from db2_prepare() or db2_exec().

To learn what the SQLSTATE value means, you can issue the following command at a DB2 Command Line Processor prompt: db2 '? sqlstate-value'. You can also call db2_stmt_errormsg() to retrieve an explicit error message and the associated SQLCODE value.



A valid statement resource.

Return Values

Returns a string containing an SQLSTATE value.

See Also

  • db2_conn_error() - Returns a string containing the SQLSTATE returned by the last connection attempt
  • db2_conn_errormsg() - Returns the last connection error message and SQLCODE value
  • db2_stmt_errormsg() - Returns a string containing the last SQL statement error message