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PHP apache_note

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(PHP 4, PHP 5, PHP 7)

apache_noteGet and set apache request notes


string apache_note ( string $note_name [, string $note_value = "" ] )

This function is a wrapper for Apache's table_get and table_set. It edits the table of notes that exists during a request. The table's purpose is to allow Apache modules to communicate.

The main use for apache_note() is to pass information from one module to another within the same request.



The name of the note.


The value of the note.

Return Values

If called with one argument, it returns the current value of note note_name. If called with two arguments, it sets the value of note note_name to note_value and returns the previous value of note note_name. If the note cannot be retrieved, FALSE is returned.


Example #1 Passing information between PHP and Perl


('name''Fredrik Ekengren');

// Call perl script

$result apache_note("resultdata");
# Get Apache request object
my $r = Apache->request()->main();

# Get passed data
my $name = $r->notes('name');

# some processing

# Pass result back to PHP
$r->notes('resultdata', $result);

Example #2 Logging values in access.log



# "%{sessionID}n" can be used in the LogFormat directive

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