GoLang DateTimeImmutable::createFromMutable

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PHP DateTimeImmutable::createFromMutable

PHP original manual for DateTimeImmutable::createFromMutable [ show | php.net ]


(PHP 5 >= 5.6.0, PHP 7)

DateTimeImmutable::createFromMutableReturns new DateTimeImmutable object encapsulating the given DateTime object


public static DateTimeImmutable DateTimeImmutable::createFromMutable ( DateTime $datetime )



The mutable DateTime object that you want to convert to an immutable version. This object is not modified, but instead a new DateTimeImmutable object is created containing the same date time and timezone information.


Example #1 Creating an immutable date time object

= new DateTime("2014-06-20 11:45 Europe/London");

$immutable DateTimeImmutable::createFromMutable$date );

Return Values

Returns a new DateTimeImmutable instance.